Elias Davidsson
The Basle Series. Duets and Trios for Celli, Vol. II
(Middle Grade - From 3. year)
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This series of duets and trios for violoncelli evolved as a result of a commission given to the composer by the Basle Academy of Music in Switzerland. The music was developed in intensive cooperation with the cello faculty of the Acadamy’s Music School. The aim was to develop teaching materials for common music-making, stylistically varied, children-friendly and at the same time didactically useful.

The dynamics, articulations and tempi should be viewed more as suggestions by the composer than absolute requirements. Improvements and technical simplifications by users are welcome, if they are musically and/or pedagogically meaningful. All bowing marks were purposefully left out.

The following teachers participate in this inspiring project: Lis Arbenz, Bernadette Fries, Käthi Gohl, François Jaccottet, Alfred Knüsel, David Lauri, Peter Meier, Beat Schneider and Kaspar Zwicky. Each one of them contributed materially to the elaboration of this series, for which I am deeply thankful. Special thanks go to Mr. Emanuel Arbenz, director of the Basle Music School, who enabled this project and encouraged its completion in every way.