Elias Davidsson
15 Miniatures for Piano
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Note that all titles and explanations are also in English (only the cover may be in French)
I wrote the following pieces for my own enjoyment. It was a kind of a game. I have become increasingly captivated by the compositional challenge confronting one when having to compose with little musical material.

All piano beginners know of pieces restricted to a range of a fifth. The following pieces use however the whole keyboard and make, at least some of them, significant technical demands. With one exception (Valse de Paris), all pieces use only five pitches. These pitches are listed before the beginning of each piece.

The pieces are ordered roughly according to difficulty. Most of the pieces are aimed at piano pupiles at their second to fourth years. Two or three pieces can though be played by a first-grade student.

I wish students as much fun in playing the pieces as I had in assembling them together.

Elias Davidsson, Reykjavik
September 1994