Elias Davidsson
Music for 3-4 piano players on 1-2 pianos
8 pieces for the middle level
KONTAKT: Edition Tónar og steinar, 53347 Alfter
Tel. 0228-1847-9646
eliasdav [at] t-online [period] de
The following pieces were commissioned by the Music School at Köniz (Switzerland), on the behest of its director, Mr.Lorenz Hasler. The purpose of the commission was to compose a series of piano pieces for 3 and 4 players (6 and 8 hands) to be performed by students from the third study year upwards. The pieces were to be playful in order to encourage ensemble playing. A signifant challenge for me was to design the parts in such a way that students will not have too much difficulties in rehearsing their parts separately while when playing all parts together, the transparency of the setting would not suffer. Transparency can be furthered in general by attempting to play as lightly as possible, in order to enable the highlighting of main musical lines. Good musical coaching for the group rehearsals appears essential to ensure quality performance.

The composer