Elias Davidsson
12 Easy Piano trios
(Vln. Vc. and Piano - Lower grade)
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The following piano trios were composed in order to encourage and develop chamber music playing by young musicians, already from the first study years. The pieces are not merely didactical but are meant to motivate the players through the use of playful tunes, colourful harmonies, catchy ryhthmical patterns, moods and humour. They are thus well suited to studentsŐ performances.

Some pieces can be played by clarinets or accordeons in lieu of violin and cello. Two pieces (Here is Radio Yerevan and Chinese Dragon Procession) require two pianists. Three pieces (Paris 1930, Dance from Provence and Here is Radio Yerevan) were originally composed for other instruments. They were rearranged for piano trio.

This volume of piano trios was commissioned by music schools in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland (see names above). I wish hereby to thank the school masters, teachers and students for this support and for encouraging the composition of new music for children. Special thanks go to Ms. Sigridur Helga Thorsteinsdottir in Reykjavik (Iceland), for her critical review and valuable suggestions.

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